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Bournemouth Borough Council is proposing several "improvements" to the A338 Wessex Way, between Blackwater and Cooper Dean, and a new junction cutting through Wessex Fields. These roadworks are part of the Bournemouth International Growth Programme (BIG). Phase 1 of the plan for Wessex Fields can be found here and here.

Why We Oppose The New Junction Through Wessex Fields

Friends of Riverside believe that the negative environmental and social impact of building a junction through Wessex Fields, outweighs the reported benefits, such as increased economic and employment opportunities and traffic alleviation.

This new route connecting the Wessex Way to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, will inevitably result in changes to the natural environment, increased noise and air pollution, and in the long-term, do little to address the challenges of expanding car ownership, which will result in further congestion.

This junction will, as evidenced by a background paper commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council, risk damage to the surrounding environment, fauna, and other land based habitats, in the form of soil deterioration, and surface water flooding during the construction phase. With Holdenhurst Waste Water Treatment Works located adjacent to the construction site, there is also the risk of flooding from sewer systems. Flooding will also cause pollution to groundwaters and with it the spread of contaminants.

A new route through Wessex Fields also risks damaging the cultural and historical heritage of the area. Holdenhurst Village Conservation Area (HVCA) is located nearby and the proposed route will run through it, ruining the Area for residents and visitors.

What We Stand To Lose

Foot Bridge A338 Wessex Fields
View towards Christchurch from Footbridge 1
Riverside Avenue 3
Riverside Avenue 2
Riverside Avenue 1
Riverside Avenue riding along on sustainable wheels

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